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This could just as well have been named "Elections 101", or "How Democracy Still Works", but I decided to just call it . . .
"DONALD J. TRUMP" (The Song)

Lyrics and Audio
Songwriter: Adam Steele -- uploaded 11/20/16
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Lyrics of this tune are solely the opinions of the songwriter, and do not necessarily represent the opinions, position, or policy of Donald Trump, or of any other person or entity. Some illustrative license is taken; so the lyrics should not be construed to report actual facts or events.

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The newspaper polls put Donald on the lam;
I worked for a paper, so I knew it was a sham.

Some said he's 5 points behind, some said only three;
but I didn't know a single soul, who'd vote for Hillary.

The media's shenanigans required a new creed;
believe half of what you see, and none of what you read.

The media would have had you stay at home for Trump and Pence;
but come November 8th, America's voters had more sense.

All across the nation, in almost every state,
voters said they wanted to make their country great.

Not four more years of economic slump,
so they went and marked their ballots for Donald J. Trump.

Hillary's rhetoric, in debates, fell lame;
and spelled 4 more years of more of the same.

Her manner well rehearsed, and pleasing to the eye,
her statements laundered clean with a pinch or two of lie. [This is not a misspelling.]

The Donald replied, "Then why didn't you do it?
You had many years in Washington to get around to it."

"There's a lot you could have done as Secretary of State;
if you really had a plan to make our country great."

Clinton and the Democrats tried to make us balk,
by playing tapes and videos of somewhat dirty talk.

Though tales of Donald's bawdy talk resounded near and far,
they fell short of the escapades of her husband Bill's cigar.

Clinton badgered endlessly, his tax returns to see;
when just a few years back she'd paid tax penalty.

One needn't be a brain or a journalistic hack,
to see that this is where the pot, called the kettle black.

Her smiling demeanor the voters saw through;
and suddenly the map was a lot less blue.

For medical insurance the Dems were set to make you spend;
Pennsylvania chimed in, and we Trumped them in the end.

As returns came in, Clinton caught rebuffin',
so she mounted up her broom and flew back to join her coven.

Voters had grown weary of the same old DC stew,
so they put the GOP in the House and Senate too.

America's farmers have Americans to feed
not boats of welfare immigrants coming here to breed.

So Americans can work, for U.S. business large and small,
Mexico can buy us a big new wall.

If the ISIS leader wants to make himself an ass,
we'll up and turn their desert to a sheet of tempered glass.

And then there'll be a place for Barack and Hillary;
as commissioned Second Louies; in a hot LZ.

Obama was the first Pres who didn't give a damn
for sending some assistance to the promised holy land.

For Israel's lands they took over when attacked,
well, Barack told Netanyahu he'd have to give them back.

All around the world Jews and Christians were enraged,
by November they decided it was time for a change.

They didn't want Iran to be a nuclear pump;
so they went and marked their ballots for Donald J. Trump.

He likes to put his name, on stuff; I guess it's fair;
when he pastes it on Nebraska, foes'll see it from the air.

Reinstitute morality? Yes, if we can we should;
but for now America, still needs Planned Parenthood.

From economic ruin and a near-welfare state,
the voters want The Donald to make their country great.

And any hostile nation can go and kiss our rump;
'cause we went and marked our ballots for Donald J. Trump.

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