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Songwriter: Adam Steele -- uploaded 12/11/18
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There's a diner on the corner 's got a blue plate special,
if you go in there on Sunday they'll make it for you;
but back at home it's roast beef and potatoes,
around here we just call it family stew.

The evening news anchor had five hot stories,
news enough to make most anyone blue;
A money crunch in Europe, and a shooting in the Cities,
things that just don't faze our prairie family of two.

Our friend Joan called this morning, had her hands all full of di-pers,
her husband up at dawn to take the older kids to school;
For us fewer feet means a smaller carbon footprint,
better for the birds and bees, the trees and planet too.

It's early November and the leaves of spring have fallen,
a nip is in the air and the deck needs two new planks;
But on the fourth Thursday we'll have turkey and some dressing
and count all the blessings for which we give thanks.

All I know is we were meant to be a couple,
and you're the other half of what I was meant to be;
with a house on the hillside just a short walk from the river
and two stray cats we're a happy family.

[instrumental interlude & repeat last verse]

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